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ENL Seminars

ELT offers a rapidly expanding array of relevant training for all educators, including school-related professionals, ENL, Bilingual and classroom teachers on the topic of language acquisition and the needs of English language learners.

ELT has developed training to assist educators in meeting the Part 154/CTLE Language Acquisition mandate designed to address the needs of English language learners (ELLs).

Online Seminars

For Teachers:

Academic Language for English Language Learners: What Teachers Need to Know

This five hour online seminar will help general education teachers target and improve academic language for all learners across disciplines and grade levels, particularly those who are learning English. Participants will identify the differences between social and academic language, analyze the academic language demands of a text, and examine research-based strategies for targeting academic language development in all domains of language.
This seminar can be used to meet CTLE hours and C.R. Part 154 Language Acquisition requirements.

For districts wanting to request online seminars for their educators, download our Online Seminar Request Form.

For School-Related Professionals:

Our World, Our Students

The seminar examines the complexity of the diverse student populations within our schools. Our students represent the financial disparity, diverse cultural backgrounds and differences in learning styles and abilities found amongst the citizens within our state.

We will explore the importance of recognizing our own biases, consider the obstacles which may prevent us from understanding our students and identify those beliefs which can hinder the way we interact with them. We will also look at ways to use our students’ backgrounds, cultural resources, as well as their unique strengths and challenges, to create a more conducive environment for learning. In addition, we will explore ways to involve students in the learning process while providing strategies to demonstrate how we, as educators, can use cultural connections to assist our students in appreciating themselves and each other.
This seminar can be used to meet CTLE hours and C.R. Part 154 Language Acquisition requirements.

Site-based Seminars

These informative three hour seminars can be brought to districts for Superintendent’s Conference days and for after school professional development sessions. NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust (ELT) has been approved as a CTLE provider.

To request one of these sessions, please download our Seminar Request Form and e-mail, fax, or mail the completed form back to us.

For Teachers:

Collaborative Identification of English Learners with a Disability
Available as a three hour and six hour session

Historically, there has been a problem of over- and under-identification of English learners for special education. Participants in this six-hour seminar will simulate a team approach model using a case study as a way to address the issue. This collaborative process will include a review of state and federal regulations, an analysis of student behavior to distinguish a language difference versus a learning disability, a discussion on how the RtI process might look different for English learners, parent support at IEP meetings, and the use of data leveraged to design a program for English learners identified with a disability. (6 hour)

Participants will examine the many facets of identifying English learners with special needs. Federal regulations and New York’s CR Part 154-3 regulations will form the foundation of this session. Participants will analyze a case study and apply concepts and tools acquired throughout the course. Enriching discussion will focus on the collaborative process of identifying ELs who have a disability. Many practical resources and tools will be provided for educators to utilize from throughout the collaborative process of identifying ELs with a disability. (3 hour)

Educating English Learners in Elementary Classrooms

This seminar, designed for elementary teachers, focuses on language acquisition and the challenges ELLs at different proficiency levels face in the mainstream classroom. Teachers will experience a variety of research-based strategies and modifications and learn how to apply them in lesson plans that foster the academic achievement of ELLs in their classes.

Including English Learners: Strategies for Academic Success

With so much attention focused on helping English learners meet grade-level expectations, teachers are looking for what works. In this seminar, participants explore four research-based recommendations for engaging English learners in subject area instruction. Participants will view real life classroom examples and experience practical hands-on activities that can be applied across grade levels and content areas.

Instructional Supports for English Language Learners

English language learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing student population in schools, and they must be considered when NYS ELA/Literacy and Math Standards are being implemented. Geared for general education teachers, this seminar will help participants design effective content-area instruction while they explore research-based strategies, instructional guidelines and resources for helping ELLs succeed.

Understanding English Language Learners
Two hour New Member or Three hour for veteran teachers

As a teacher, what can you do with students in your class who are learning English? How can you help them succeed? This seminar focuses on understanding the stages of verbal acquisition and identifying variables that influence the language acquisition process for ELLs. Strategies that have been shown to successfully engage ELLs are examined and instructional and assessment accommodations are demonstrated.

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These seminars can be used to meet CTLE hours and C.R. Part 154 Language Acquisition requirements.

For School-Related Professionals:

Increasing Comprehension of ELLs

Participants will be able to understand the NYS regulations for identifying and providing services to English language learners (ELLs), examine cultural factors that affect instruction for ELLs, and explore strategies for making academic content accessible to ELLs.

Understanding Diversity: How Our Schools Are Changing
Two hour New Member

This seminar is designed to help educate students who will be living in a world of diverse communities. It will promote awareness of global differences while identifying shared values. It encourages the understanding of one’s own culture as the doorway to understanding other cultures.

Our World, Our Students

This seminar helps SRPs become more familiar with students’ cultural abilities and needs in order to create a more conducive learning environment. Educators will engage in discussions of the importance of involving all students in the learning process while demonstrating how they can use cultural connections to assist students in appreciating each other’s strengths.

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These seminars can be used to meet CTLE hours and C.R. Part 154 Language Acquisition requirements.