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Master's Degree Programs

Empire State College

Master’s Degree Program

Ready to earn your Master of Education Degree, but don't know where to start?

NYSUT's Education & Learning Trust, in partnership with SUNY Empire State College (ESC), offers members a path to earn up to nine (9) ELT/Empire State College partnership graduate credits toward the college's thirty-six (36) credit online Master of Education in Teaching and Learning Principles of Pedagogy degree. After completing 3 courses (nine credits) students can matriculate into ESC.

Choose any three (3) NYSUT ELT courses to begin:
EDU 661118 Activating the Motivated and Engaged Brain: The Seeking System
EDU 661129 Brain Based Ways we Think and Learn
EDU 661101 Building Positive Connections with Diverse Families and Communities
EDU 661100 Bullying: Preventing the Problem
EDU 661112 Coaching: Building Capacity through Professional Conversations
EDU 661108 Collaborative Inquiry for Students: Preparing Minds for the Future
EDU 661126 Critical and Creative Thinkers for a Global Age
EDU 661125 Culturally Responsive Teaching with Diverse Learners
EDU 661127 Designing Motivation for all Learners
EDU 661128 Differentiated Instruction in Today's Schools
EDU 661105 Educators Taking the Initiative
EDU 661119 Engaging Students and Improving Achievement through Social-Emotional Learning
EDU 661113 Developing Innovators and Innovation Skills
EDU 661114 Instructional Planning, Strategic Teaching
EDU 661102 Integrated Co-Teaching: Strategies Enhancing Student Achievement
EDU 661115 Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom
EDU 661111 Maximizing the Learning Environment for Increased Student Achievement and GrowthEDU 661110 Reading Across the Curriculum
EDU 661103 Showing Evidence: Teacher Performance and Student Achievement
EDU 661106 Student Engagement and Standards-Based Learning
EDU 661109 The 21st Century Classroom
EDU 661104 The Role of Data, Assessments and Instruction to Raise Student Achievement
EDU 661107 Using Response to Intervention (RTI) for School Improvement

Be mindful: New York State regulation (effective Fall of 2016) requires that all graduate schools of education use a standardized test as part of the admission process. If you are planning to matriculate into a Graduate Education Program, you will have to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in order to meet this new regulation.