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Master's Degree Programs

Mercy College

Literacy Master’s Degree

The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust (NYSUT ELT) and Mercy College have partnered to deliver an online graduate education program to NYSUT members with flexible schedules at an affordable cost. NYSUT members can obtain a graduate degree and fulfill state certification requirements online. You do not need to be located within miles of a Mercy campus. Now, all members across the state can take advantage of this opportunity!

Partnership Overview:

ELT courses are offered online so students can complete 5 courses in a few semesters or spread them over a longer period of time.

*After completing up to 5 courses with NYSUT with a B or better average, students formally apply to the college for matriculation into one of the partnership programs. These courses are available to NYSUT members pursuing a Master’s degree program as well as those members interested in individual courses only (i.e., not pursuing the full degree program).

  • Only 5 NYSUT-ELT courses can be applied to a Master’s partnership program with Mercy College. ( 2 for advanced certificate)
  • Remaining courses are taken online through Mercy.
  • Ten (10) hours Field Work is required.
  • If completing field work, Taskstream account is required.

*Please visit the Mercy College web site at or contact the Mercy College faculty identified in the Key Contact Information sections for more detailed information for each of the degree programs and certifications offered.

Teaching Literacy Program

This program leads to NYS certification in Literacy Birth – Grade 6 and Literacy Grades 5- 12 and requires 33 total credits. Applicants to the program are required to possess an initial teaching certificate.

Nysut Core Courses:

EDUC 507 Approaches to Literacy Instruction in Early Childhood through Adolescence including Students with Disabilities
EDUC 561 Literacy Instruction for Students with Special Needs
EDUC 590 The Teaching of the Writing Process
EDUC 573 Learning Technology Across the English Language Arts
EDUC 648 Dimensions of Learning and Literacy

Students are not eligible to register for a Mercy sponsored course through NYSUT ELT or UFT if:
  • they have already completed 15 Mercy College credits through NYSUT ELT or UFT,
  • they are currently matriculated into a Mercy College degree or Advanced Certificate Program,
  • they are on a financial hold with Mercy College, or
  • they were academically dismissed by Mercy College.
ELT is not responsible for reimbursement of tuition for students who register for any Mercy courses if they meet any of the above criteria.

Be mindful: New York State regulation (effective Fall of 2016) requires that all graduate schools of education use a standardized test as part of the admission process. If you are planning to matriculate into a Graduate Education Program, you will have to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in order to meet this new regulation.