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NYSUT ELT is proud to offer online seminars that promote effective teaching principles and enhance student learning. The seminars are aligned with the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric as well as Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching in terms of what teachers should know and be able to do. These seminars are especially timely as teachers reflect on the strength of their instructional practice in preparation for their annual performance review and/or to support targeted professional learning based on the results of their evaluation.

Online Professional Learning Seminars

The seminars are structured as stand- alone, prerequisite and deepening knowledge seminars described as follows:

  • Stand-Alone Seminars

The stand-alone seminar doesn’t have prerequisites or require other complementary courses. Each seminar
may be taken in isolation.

  • Prerequisite Seminars

In this structure, each seminar is reliant on the previous seminar’s content as a building block. The content in each subsequent seminar explores a deeper level, building on previous seminar content (and possibly assessments). Prerequisite seminars are built in sets of three and participants must take the prerequisite seminars in order.

  • Deepening Knowledge Seminars

Deepening knowledge seminars may be selected based on participant’s self-assessment of teaching practices or may be determined by the results of their teacher evaluation to explore deepening knowledge suited to their needs and abilities. (Novice and/or intermediate seminars are not prerequisites for the deepening knowledge model.)

Each Seminar Provides:

  • Evidence-based research
  • Practical classroom examples
  • Opportunities for practice
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Additional tools and resources designed to improve teacher practice

The seminars are facilitated by a qualified and experienced instructor who supports each teacher’s professional learning. Participants work at their own pace, receive feedback and coaching from an experienced instructor and have ample amount of time to complete their work:

5-8 Hour Seminars - 30 days
10 Hour Seminars - 45 days
15 Hour Seminars - 90 days

Each seminar is $15 per hour.

Please note some seminars have prerequisites.

Online Requirement: Requires, reliable/stable high speed internet connection. Participants have a maximum of 45 days from the start date listed in Frontline Professional Growth to complete all assignments.

Seminar information including log in and enrollment link will be sent directly from PLS 3rd Learning. There is no refund once the information has been sent to the participant. At the completion of the seminar, each participant will receive a confidential grade on Frontline Professional Growth (pass or fail) and Certificates of Completion will be available for direct download in Frontline Professional Growth.

Register for online seminars

For districts wanting to request online seminars for their teachers, download our Online Seminar Request Form.