What Members Are Saying

Find out what our participants and your colleagues have to say about their experience in our courses and seminars. And we would love to hear your feedback as well! You can reach us at 800-528-6208 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm (EST) or email us at ELT@nysut.org.

On behalf of us all at the Education & Learning Trust, we thank you for your continued participation in our training sessions.


So…what are NYSUT members saying about us?

The Including English Learners: Strategies for Academic Success seminar was very good with many good ideas. The facilitator was very knowledgeable about the subject matter!-- Deborah Connors, Teaching Assistant, BOCES Educators of Eastern Suffolk

This seminar has helped me to understand the needs of the ENL students, and how to assist them in the classroom to do better in my classes. I have learned how to modify the assignment and my lesson plans to better help these students. This seminar was great. We worked on lesson plans as a group. The facilitator did a great job conducting this seminar. -- Maria Travieso-Davidson, Teacher, Eastchester Teachers Association

I am glad that I enrolled in this online seminar, Our World, Our Students. The information presented will be most useful for the coming academic year.  I will recommend this seminar to my colleagues here in Webster. I look forward to signing up for more NYSUT-sponsored SRP seminars during the coming school year. -- Vince Moynihan, Teaching Assistant, Webster Central School Educational Support Association

What helped me during the Differentiating Instruction: Connecting With All Learners seminar I attended at the Tarrytown Regional Office was how effectively I can teach all students by differentiating (content, process, product), according to the students’ readiness, interests, and learning profile. I enjoyed creating a choice board and designing tiered lessons. I will create lessons with the Steinberg Factor in mind. What a wonderful job on the part of the facilitator! -- Jacquelyn Bonilla, Teacher, Yonkers Federation of Teachers

The seminar, The IEP: Supporting Student Interaction, helped me to understand how to read the IEP. Also how important it is for the teacher and the Teaching Assistants to work together to implement the IEP. It was a great class. Thank you! --Theresa Murray, Teaching Assistant, Clarkstown Teachers Association

I really learned a lot from this online seminar. Many of my preconceived notions were debunked. I now have accurate information that will help me better serve my students. My instructor kept me abreast as to what was going with Moodle and my assignments. She also provided me with timely feedback on the assignments I submitted. --Cherese West, Teacher, Hempstead Classroom Teachers Association

I took this seminar because I wanted to gain a better understanding of what academic language is and the important role it plays in the various stages of second language acquisition as well as in all content areas taught in the classrooms. The videos and the teacher reflections supported my understanding of the course content. I learned the importance of looking beyond the vocabulary. I acquired many strategies that promote academic language development. As a result, I was able to increase student interaction with academic language through meaningful and motivating activities in my integrated ENL classes. It was a great workshop! The assignments were challenging, but meaningful. --Sebnem Ozsirkinti, Teacher, Valley Stream Teachers Association

I took classes with you last spring and summer and [I] want to let you know how valuable the information learned and shared in your classes has been for me. I am a much more effective teacher with so many of my students basically because I better understand them and have great tools (so glad I used the journal) to refer to. I thought of you day one when I hung my new and improved expectation signs in the gym and locker room and the new placement of my white board with class info on it has made all the difference in my classroom management! Thank you for helping me to have a good and refreshing start to the school year! --Jayne Maslin Katz, Teacher, Southhampton Teachers Association

“Never before in my career have I ever thought so hard and so much about what I do..how I do it... am I doing it right...what should I be doing differently...it's giving me a headache! :-) However, when I had 24 parent teacher conferences on Tuesday, I felt so much more confident in speaking with the parents about their child because I truly felt that I understood their learning styles and preferences better than I have in previous years. I have become much more cognizant and aware of what is taking place in my classroom due to this course and these assignments. So thank you for designing such meaningful activities and teaching this old dog some new tricks.” -- Luise Percoco, Teacher, East Moriches Teachers Association

“I just attended a workshop today given by NYSUT ELT…We are all Intelligent; We Just Learn Differently…it was awesome!” -- Fran Rutigliano, Teaching Assistant, Clarkstown Teachers’ Association.

I would also like to add that the Multiple Intelligence course I took with Jane Turk was probably the most useful course I have taken. I came away with real strategies to help all learners work cooperatively through meeting their individual needs. It will certainly change how I teach my students in September. -- Mindy Anichich, Teacher, United Federation of Teachers.