School Counselor

The following courses have been reviewed and approved by the NYS Education Department as fulfilling the sixty (60) required credits for Permanent certification requirements for School Counselor.

EDU 671: Encouraging Student Responsibility and Discipline
EDU 691: Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility
UNY 704 & EDN 663: Building Communication and Teamwork in Schools
CURI 6515, UNY 701 & EDN 660: Designing Motivation for All Learners (was previously EDU 661127)
UNY 678: Proactive Strategies for All Students
UNY 714 & CURI 6563: Brain Compatible Learning
UNY 729: Inclusion: Education for All, PreK-12
SED 661: Cooperative Learning Students with Special Needs
CURI 6503 & UNY 705: Brain Based Ways We Think and Learn (was previously EDU 661129)
SED 672: Multiple Intelligences: Theory and Practice
UNY 807: Applied Behavior Analysis
UNY 811: Cultural Proficiency
UNY 809: Cyber-Bullying
UNY 706: Creative Controversy
CURI 6506 & UNY 824: Bullying: Preventing the Problem (was previously EDU 661100)
CURI 6524: Using Response to Intervention for School Improvement (was previously EDU 661107)
CURI 6505: Building Positive Connections with Diverse Families and Communities (was previously EDU 661101)
UNY 825: Teaching Through Learning Channels
CURI 6528: The 21st Century Classroom (was previously EDU 661109)
UNY 823: Teaching Students to be Peacemakers
EDV 501: Understanding Aggression
EDV 508: Drugs & Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Abuse and Use
EDV 512: Harassment, Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation
EDV 505: Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Student Learning
CURI 6500: Activating a Motivated and Engaged Brain: The SEEKING System
CURI 6526: Social-Emotional Learning: A New Approach
CURI 6568: Mindfulness in Today’s Classroom
CURI 6532 & UNY 736: Childhood Trauma and Classroom Resiliency
CURI 6539 & UNY 738: Establishing Parental Partnerships as a Framework for Student Success.
CURI 6574 & UNY 835: Equity in all Classrooms

Please visit the New York State Education Department’s website to ensure that these courses fulfill your individual certification requirements.

Please contact the Office of Teaching Initiatives if you need clarification of your individual certification needs. Beyond the courses listed above, NYSUT cannot advise you as to which courses you should take to fulfill your specific certification requirements.

Effective 12/31/13, individuals pursing additional certificates are required to complete six clock hours of coursework or training in the Dignity Act in accordance with Article 2 Sections 10-18 of the Education Law. This training is available from the Education & Learning Trust.

Select NYSUT Education & Learning Trust (ELT) courses are approved by the New York State Education Dept. Office of Teaching Initiatives, as fulfilling certification requirements for specific certification titles. Students must take courses for graduate credit for certification requirements.

NYSUT Education & Learning Trust strongly recommends that individuals seeking to fulfill specific certification competency areas consult the State Education Department’s Certification Office at when selecting courses to fulfill certification requirements.

All individuals pursuing their first teaching certificate should complete a registered program at an accredited university or college.

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