Career and Tech Education (CTE)

In May 2017, the Board of Regents amended the requirements to obtain Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate titles.

A CTE certificate authorizes the certificate holder to teach a specific CTE subject in an approved career and technical education program in a New York State public high school or BOCES. In NYS, certified teachers progress from entry level certificates (Transitional A or Initial) to the Professional certificate by completing specific educational and teaching experience

Initial CTE Certification:

To obtain Initial certification applicants need to complete nine credits of pedagogical
coursework and the work/education combinations in one of Options for the Transitional A certificate. The nine (9) credits must include course work in:

Human development and learning including, but not limited to, the impact of culture, heritage, socioeconomic level, and factors in the home and community that may affect a student’s readiness to learn

Undergraduate Course-Human Development EDN 404

EDN 404 Russel Sage College

Teaching students with disabilities and special healthcare needs within the general education classroom, including assistive technology

Undergraduate Course - Intro to Exceptionalities EDN 405

EDN 405 Russel Sage College

Curriculum and/or instruction, including instructional technology

Undergraduate Course - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment EDN 403

EDN 403 Russel Sage College

Applicants for CTE certificates can apply for the Transitional A certificate and then progress to the initial CTE certificate OR apply directly for the initial CTE certificate based upon their individual work/education backgrounds.

Initial certificates are valid for five (5) years. During that time, CTE teachers complete the requirements for the Professional certificate.

Professional CTE Certification:

To obtain Professional certification applicants need to have fulfilled the requirements for the initial certificates and complete an additional nine credits of pedagogical coursework in the following:

Teaching Literacy Skills Methods

Undergraduate Course - Introduction to Reading: Teaching Children to Read EDN 406

EDN 406 Russel Sage College

Instruction and/or Assessment

Undergraduate Course - Assessment of Learning EDN 401

EDN 401 Russel Sage College

Classroom Management

Undergraduate Course - Classroom Management: Creating the Dynamic Classroom Environment EDN 402

EDN 402 Russel Sage College

Applicants for the professional certificate must also:

Pass the Educating All Students (EAS) certification exam; and Have three (3) years of teaching experience in the CTE field of their certificate.

Please visit the New York State Education Department’s website to ensure that these courses fulfill your individual certification requirements.

Please contact the Office of Teaching Initiatives if you need clarification of your individual certification needs. Beyond the courses listed above, NYSUT cannot advise you as to which courses you should take to fulfill your specific certification requirements.

Effective 12/31/13, individuals pursing additional certificates are required to complete six clock hours of coursework or training in the Dignity Act in accordance with Article 2 Sections 10-18 of the Education Law. This training is available from the Education & Learning Trust.

Select NYSUT Education & Learning Trust (ELT) courses are approved by the New York State Education Dept. Office of Teaching Initiatives, as fulfilling certification requirements for specific certification titles. Students must take courses for graduate credit for certification requirements.

NYSUT Education & Learning Trust strongly recommends that individuals seeking to fulfill specific certification competency areas consult the State Education Department’s Certification Office at when selecting courses to fulfill certification requirements.

All individuals pursuing their first teaching certificate should complete a registered program at an accredited university or college.

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