ELT courses meet the high academic standards of our higher education partners. The colleges have strict guidelines and expectations which ELT must adhere to for approving both our instructors as well as our courses. Many of our courses may be used to satisfy degree requirements or taken as electives. As an approved CTLE provider, ELT's courses can be used toward CTLE hour fulfillment.

In-service vs Graduate Credit

Be mindful, when registering for a course there is the option of in-service (less tuition) vs. graduate credit (increased tuition due to receiving college credit/transcript).

Those seeking certification are required by New York State Education Department to turn in graduate credit transcripts. (In-service certificates will not be accepted)

As many in-service credits may be taken by a student although we do not encourage more than 12 in-service credits per semester.

Graduate credit is limited to nine (9) credits per college partner. Students may not take more than nine (9) credits per college partner as ELT students must be considered “part time students.” Twelve (12) or more credits from one specific college puts student at “full time” status at said college which is against regulation.


ELT Courses Approved by New York State Education Department As Applicable Toward Specific Certification Requirements.

NYSUT Members also qualify for a discount on our graduate level courses.  For directions on applying this Membership Promo Code please check here.

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