Technology Seminars

“As technology integration continues to increase in our society, it is paramount that teachers possess the skills and behaviors of digital age professionals. Moving forward, teachers must become comfortable being co-learners with their students and colleagues around the world.” This quote is from the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards for teachers.

Teachers see technology as integral to education and an important tool in achieving success in educational programs. Why? Because the benefits of technology in the classroom are endless as they provide students with the digital age skills they'll need long after they graduate. However, technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace. As a result, learning how to effectively integrate it into classroom activities never stops.

ELT’s goal is to provide up-to-date training that helps educators feel comfortable using the tools that promote student achievement. We do this by increasing educators’ confidence in their ability to harness technology effectively and integrate it into instruction. To honor learning styles and busy schedules, educators can learn new skills virtually or online.


3-hour, synchronous Zoom seminars for a group of teachers with a live instructor. These requested sessions can be scheduled during the school day or outside of school hours. Smaller chunks of content ease the process of applying information without being overwhelming while the use of peer collaboration and discussion serve to increase engagement.

Accelerate Learning though Embedded Assessment with Digital Tools (WKS PROF228)
This virtual workshop will explore how digital tools can be used to facilitate embedded assessment practices that empower the learner and accelerate the learning process. Participants will reflect on their own instructional goals and set standards-based learning targets. The workshop will then investigate best practices for pairing the “right” instructional technology with these targets in a variety of learning contexts. Strategies will also be presented for using technology to establish classroom routines that will help promote student engagement and goal setting. Assessment can be a valuable mode of communication in the classroom community and this workshop will demonstrate how digital tools can be used to effectively design relevant, embedded formative assessments that provide meaningful feedback to both teachers and students.

Building Dynamic Classroom Communities with a Tech Toolbox (WKS PROF229)
Whether it is the first day of school or the 100th Day celebration, instructional technology can be a vital tool in fostering dynamic classroom communities. This virtual workshop will help educators find opportunities for students to build community and engage with content through the thoughtful incorporation of instructional technology platforms that promote collaboration. Using the ISTE Standards as a framework, this workshop will explore how teachers can create a Classroom Tech Toolbox to empower their students as members of a community of connected learners.

Digital Learning Resources in K-12 Classrooms (WKS PROF212)
This virtual seminar provides practical tips and tricks to help you make better use of tech tools, many of which you may already have access to. Better utilization of digital learning resources means you will work in a more effective and efficient manner saving your most precious resource—time—while also thoroughly engaging and empowering your students.

Purposeful Use of Instructional Technology (WKS PROF211)
The power of instructional technology resides not in any particular application, website, or device, but in how teachers employ these tools to advance student learning. In this seminar, you will explore K-12 appropriate models demonstrating when and how to strategically plan for the use of technology in any scenario, as well as standards-based best practices for using technology to fundamentally redesign instruction across the curriculum. 

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ELT conveniently offers asynchronous online seminars on the Moodle platform for busy educators. Participants are assigned an online facilitator for a personalized learning experience. Seminars are available for registration all year-long in an open-enrollment format making them convenient and flexible. Registrants have 30 days (for the 5-hour seminar) or 90 days (for the 15-hour seminar) from the day access is granted (enrollment key is emailed) to complete and upload all the assignments.

Digital Learning and Citizenship (WKS PROF280)
In today’s interconnected world, it is crucial for educators to equip their students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape as responsible digital citizens. Using the ISTE standards for inspiration, this seminar will give educators practical strategies for fostering digital literacy, evaluative skills, and ethical behavior among their students. Participants will explore methods for thoughtfully integrating technology in their classroom while promoting digital citizenship through creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. (5 hours)

Dynamic Classroom Communication (WKS PROF279)
This online seminar is designed to empower educational professionals with an understanding of how communication impacts student motivation and engagement. Educators will explore a comprehensive toolkit of dynamic communication techniques, engaging digital learning resources, and adaptable instructional methods to support all learners. Participants will be encouraged to find opportunities in their curriculum for students to build community and engage with content through the thoughtful incorporation of instructional technology platforms that promote collaboration. Participants will use these practical strategies to design classroom-ready inclusive and interactive learning experiences that will facilitate meaningful teacher feedback and effective peer interactions. (5 hours)

Redesigning Teaching Through Instructional Technology (WKS PROF190)
Technology has the power to fundamentally change and even reinvent how instruction is delivered, as well as how we provide appropriate instruction for students with a wide variety of needs. However, technology, like any other tool, requires knowing how and when to use it in order to maximize its efficacy and provide opportunities for true inquiry. In this seminar, we will explore K-12 appropriate model demonstrating when and how to strategically use technology in any scenario (e.g. classroom, hybrid, distance learning, etc.), as well as standards-based best practices for fundamentally redesigning instruction using technology across the curriculum. (5 hours)

STEM-Infused Instruction (WKS PROF272)
STEM instruction teaches children more than science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts as it encompasses a problem-solving application of knowledge and skills integrated through in-context projects or problems focused on learning outcomes. It incorporates real-world scenarios allowing students to see the connection between content they are studying and its application in authentic and relevant ways. This seminar offers K-12 teachers of all disciplines strategies for infusing STEM activities into instruction while immersing students with the 4C's of the 21st Century Learning Standards and social emotional learning concepts. (5 hours)

Using Instructional Technology to Boost Student Well-Being (WKS PROF270)
Today's teachers need digital tools that do more than just deliver content and this online seminar will explore how instructional technology can be used to build connected classroom communities. Whether you meet your learners in person or online, classroom technology can support social/emotional learning and foster a sense of belonging in all students. Students engaged in supportive, connected communities will have meaningful opportunities to develop essential interpersonal skills. Using the ISTE standards for inspiration, this seminar will give teachers strategies for building classroom communities that support their students' well-being and promote collaboration through the thoughtful integration of technology. (5 hours)

Web-based Tools to Boost Instruction in the Classroom (WKS PROF191)
In this 15-hour online seminar, participants will have the opportunity to learn about and practice with web-based tools from a variety of providers in order to enhance instruction in the classroom. Content will include best practices for use of the Google Suite in instruction, as well as discussion and practice with several other web-based instructional tools. Some familiarity with the Google Suite is helpful, but not required. (15 hours)

These cutting-edge training sessions are facilitated by a highly qualified cadre of classroom teachers with many years of experience using the different technology tools.  Our facilitators support participants by answering questions and offering feedback and expert advice.

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To request a virtual seminar, download the Virtual Seminar Request Form. Send the completed form back to us via email or fax.

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