Master's in Curriculum and Instruction

Empire State University

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (MEd in C&I)

Ready to earn your Master of Education Degree, but don't know where to start?

NYSUT's Education & Learning Trust (ELT), in partnership with SUNY Empire State University, offers members a path to earn up to nine (9) Empire State University graduate credits toward Empire State Universities thirty (30) credit online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (MEd in C&I). Once you complete your 9 credits, you can matriculate into Empire State University using our partnership benefit program.

Partnership benefits include:

  • Waiver of orientation fee in a degree or certificate program at time of submission of online admissions application ($50 for degree program; $25 for certificate program)
  • a one-time, $100 Presidential Scholarship applied to the student’s first term of enrollment in a degree or certificate program. Note: Students must be enrolled past day 28 of the term to remain eligible for the scholarship. This scholarship is not available for Military and Veteran Educational Partnerships.

Please contact to receive this benefit.

For more information on the application process click here.

Choose any three (3) NYSUT ELT courses to begin:

CURI 6570 8 Cultural Forces to Transform Our Schools

CURI 6500 Activating the Motivated and Engaged Brain: The Seeking System (was previously EDU 661118)

CURI 6569 Active Learning in the Contemporary Classroom

CURI 6572 Beginning Reading, Grades PreK-2

CURI 6503 Brain Based Ways we Think and Learn (was previously EDU 661129)

CURI 6505: Building Positive Connections with Diverse Families and Communities (was previously EDU 661101)

CURI 6506: Bullying: Preventing the Problem (was previously EDU 661100)

CURI 6532 Childhood Trauma and Classroom Resiliency

CURI 6507 Coaching: Building Capacity through Professional Conversations (was previously EDU 661112)

CURI 6508 Collaborative Inquiry for Students: Preparing Minds for the Future (was previously EDU 661108)

CURI 6542 Creating an Equitable Grading System for All Students

CURI 6541 Creating Safer Schools

CURI 6560 Creating the Dynamic Classroom Environment

CURI 6513 Critical and Creative Thinkers for a Global Age (was previously EDU 661126)

CURI 6514 Culturally Responsive Teaching with Diverse Learners (was previously EDU 661125)

CURI 6515 Designing Motivation for all Learners (was previously EDU 661127)

CURI 6516 Developing Innovators and Innovation Skills (was previously EDU 661113)

CURI 6530 Digital Literacy

CURI 6517 Differentiated Instruction in Today's Schools (was previously EDU 661128)

CURI 6518 Educators Taking the Initiative (was previously EDU 661105)

CURI 6526 Social-Emotional Learning: A New Approach (was previously EDU 661119)

CURI 6539 Establishing Parental Partnerships as a Framework for Student Success

CURI 6574 Equity in All Classrooms

CURI 6538 Flipped Classroom to Master Flip and Beyond

CURI 6576 Great Teaching by Design: Transform Your Practice by Understanding Your Learners

CURI 6519 Instructional Planning, Strategic Teaching (was previously EDU 661114)

CURI 6520 Integrated Co-Teaching: Strategies Enhancing Student Achievement (was previously EDU 661102)

CURI 6543 Learning First, Technology Second

CURI 6521 Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom (was previously EDU 661115)

CURI 6537 Managing and Engaging Students in the 21st Century

CURI 6540 MAGIC (Meaningful Activities Generate Interesting Curriculum)

CURI 6522 Maximizing the Learning Environment for Increased Student Achievement and Growth (was previously EDU 661111)

CURI 6568 Mindfulness in Today's Classroom

CURI 6523 Reading Across the Curriculum (was previously EDU 661110)

CURI 6577 REBOUND: Rebuilding Agency, Accelerating Learning Recovery and Rethinking K-12 Schools

CURI 6533 Reclaiming Personalized Learning

CURI 6525 Showing Evidence: Teacher Performance and Student Achievement (was previously EDU 661103)

CURI 6575 Successful Teaching for the Acceptance of Responsibility (STAR)

CURI 6527 Student Engagement and Standards-Based Learning (was previously EDU 661106)

CURI 6544 Student Insight on Best Educational Practice

CURI 6528 The 21st Century Classroom (was previously EDU 661109)

CURI 6578 The Happiness Classroom

CURI 6529 The Role of Data, Assessments and Instruction to Raise Student Achievement (was previously EDU 661104)

CURI 6531 Toolbox for the Inclusion Classroom: Practical Strategies for All Teachers

CURI 6524 Using Response to Intervention (RTI) for School Improvement (was previously EDU 661107)

CURI 6562 Making Thinking Visible in the Classroom

CURI 6564 Professional Learning for Teacher Effectiveness (PLTE)

CURI 6566 Writing as Learning K-12

Be mindful: New York State regulation (effective Fall of 2016) requires that all graduate schools of education require a 3.0 GPA (undergraduate) in their admissions criteria, and use a standardized test as part of the admission process. If you are planning to matriculate into a Graduate Education Program, you will have to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or another test as indicated by the college you apply to.

As of May 2018, current certified teachers or educational leaders who already hold a graduate degree are exempt from taking the standardized test. To become exempt it may be necessary to apply for a waiver through the admissions. Waivers may also be available for the 3.0 GPA requirement. Ask your admissions officer for more information about these policies.

** As of the Fall 2018 semester empires courses will have prefix changes. To register for an Empire course this summer please click on the old EDU prefix but to register for fall please click on the new CURI prefix.