Teaching Literacy, Birth to Grade 12

Mercy College

Teaching Literacy, Birth to Grade 12

Mercy College, in conjunction with the NYSUT Education and Learning Trust (NYSUT/ELT), is offering a Master of Science degree in Teaching Literacy. Upon successful completion of the program, all students may be eligible for the Literacy, Birth-Grade 6, or the Literacy, Grades 5-12.

Teaching Literacy Birth - Grade 12 Program:

Students entering the Master of Science in Literacy programs must have a provisional or initial teaching certificate in another certificate title, prior to registering for these NYSUT courses.

NYSUT Core Courses:

EDUC 507 Approaches to Literacy Instruction in Early Childhood through Adolescence including Students with Disabilities
EDUC 561 Literacy Instruction for Students with Special Needs
EDUC 590 The Teaching of the Writing Process
EDUC 573 Learning Technology Across the English Language Arts
EDUC 648 Dimensions of Learning and Literacy

Mercy Courses:

EDUC 522 - Language Development and Literacy Acquisition Credit(s): 3
EDUC 573 - Learning Technology across the English Language Arts Curriculum Credit(s): 3
EDUC 591 - Child and Adolescent Literature Credit(s): 3
EDUC 643 - Reading and Writing in the Content Areas, Grades 5–12 Credit(s): 3
EDUC 648 - Dimensions of Learning and Literacy Credit(s): 3
EDUC 659 - Practicum in Literacy Assessment (cc) Credit(s): 3
EDUC 660 - Practicum in Literacy Instructional Practices Credit(s): 3
EDUC 658 - Seminar in the Organization and Administration of Literacy Programs Credit(s): 3 (Capstone)


*After completing NYSUT core course(s) with a grade of B or above, students formally apply to Mercy College for matriculation in order to complete remaining requirements.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Students are NOT eligible to register for a Mercy sponsored course through NYSUT ELT or UFT if:

  • they have already completed 15 Mercy College credits through NYSUT ELT or UFT
  • they are currently enrolled in a Mercy College degree or Advanced Certificate Program
  • they are on a financial hold with Mercy College OR
  • they were academically dismissed by Mercy College

ELT is not responsible for reimbursement of tuition for students who register for any Mercy courses if they meet any of the above criteria.

NYSUT ELT is an approved provider of DASA training. Please contact us for more information.

Be mindful: New York State regulation (effective Fall of 2016) requires that all graduate schools of education require a 3.0 GPA.