June 08, 2020

New Online Seminar on Advocacy for ELLs

In an ever-shifting political and regulatory environment, teachers have more responsibility than ever before to not only teach but advocate for ELLs and their families. Advocating for ELLs Within the Scope of State and Federal Law will familiarize participants with laws and regulations regarding ENL education both historically and in the present day, as well as those laws and regulations that are germane to many ELLs and their families, including but not limited to issues related to immigration and civil rights. Furthermore, participants will learn of support services available to ELLs and best practices in advocacy.

Register now for this online seminar that is only available for NYSUT members. ELT online seminars are convenient and flexible to accommodate the needs of busy educators.

This seminar can be used toward meeting the Language Acquisition requirement and fulfilling Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE) requirements as NYSUT ELT is an approved provider. View other ELT seminars that meet the Language Acquisition mandate.