April 16, 2021

New Seminar on Creating Resilience-Fostering Environments

Fostering Resilience Learners - a 5-hour asynchronous seminar for all educators

More than 25 percent of American youth experience a serious traumatic event by their sixteenth birthday, and many children suffer multiple and repeated traumas which can seriously impact their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. Staff may be unaware of the specific traumatic events that have occurred with each child, and school environments may inadvertently compound the impacts of trauma. Creating resilience-fostering environments in school can lower the impact of trauma and enhance the factors that provide the foundation for better health, academic success, and positive interactions. When school staff learn effective responses to student trauma and how to help instill resiliency skills necessary to thrive in the classroom, children have better learning outcomes - in school and in life. Register in Frontline for the online seminar  Fostering Resilient Learners and earn 5 CTLE hours upon successful completion.

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