Autism Reporting Form

Upon successful completion, participants will need to fill out and submit the attached Autism Reporting Form to our office at Once we receive the form, our staff will complete the required steps to add your information into NYSED’s system.

Important Information:
Be sure to provide:

  • accurate information on the form that matches your TEACH account exactly or your request will not be processed by NYSED. NYSED does not send notifications when requests are not processed. 
  • the last FIVE digits of your social security number (not last 4 digits).
  • the same name as your TEACH account (middle initial if used, maiden, married, etc.) including any hyphenation (i.e. Jones-Smith versus Jones Smith), spaces between name (i.e. La Salle versus LaSalle).

It takes 2 weeks from the time when ELT inputs the information for it to show up in your TEACH account.
If you are inquiring about an Autism training not appearing in your TEACH account from 2019 or the first quarter of 2020, please resubmit the Online Autism Reporting Form the form to
If you attended an Autism training after April 2020, double check that your personal information matches your TEACH account exactly, make any necessary changes, then resend the form to

Directions to Look up Autism Workshop in TEACH Account
Log into your TEACH account at with your user name and password.  Click the TEACH Online Services graphic to get to the TEACH homepage.  At the next page, under Inquiry Links, click Account Information. Scroll to Select Information you want to view.  With a left click of the mouse, choose Workshops, then click Submit