September 27, 2019

Learn How to Support Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE)

Students with Interrupted/Inconsistent Formal Education (SIFE) are English language learners who enter U.S. schools at least two years below grade level in reading and/or math in their native language due to underschooling. These learners bring with them rich cultural and life experiences, but are doing double the work in learning English and academic skills simultaneously. Teachers looking for support in how to address the intense needs of this population will benefit from this online seminar. In Strategies for SIFE Success!, participants will examine common characteristics and experiences of the SIFE population, and learn how to design classroom environments and apply specific strategies that honor students’ backgrounds to foster SIFE success.

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This seminar can be used toward meeting the Language Acquisition requirement and fulfilling Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE) requirements as NYSUT ELT is an approved provider. View other ELT seminars that meet the Language Acquisition mandate.