September 24, 2019

New Online Seminar on Assessing ELLs

Assessment is a powerful tool for teachers as the results are a quantifiable measure of students knowledge of the content. As an integral part of the teaching and learning cycles, assessment is a key focus for the teachers of English learners as it influences future instructional practice. Equitable Assessment: Implications for Instruction of English Learners will guide elementary teachers, content area teachers and ENL teachers through understanding the critical role both formative and summative assessments play and exploring practical assessment strategies for validly measuring English learners knowledge in various content and grade-level classrooms. Over the course of the seminar, participants will reflect on a formative or summative assessment and design a valid, differentiated assessment for English learners as a way to apply the information in a practical classroom setting.

Register now for this online seminar that is only available for NYSUT members. ELTs online seminars are convenient and flexible to accommodate the needs of busy educators.

This seminar can be used toward meeting the Language Acquisition requirement and fulfilling Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE) requirements as NYSUT ELT is an approved provider. View other ELT seminars that meet the Language Acquisition mandate.