September 24, 2019

Meet ELT's Newest Courses

ELT strives to stay current by continuing to add course work needed by our members. Meet our four newest classes:

Mindfulness in Today's Classrooms - CURI 6568

In this course, participants examine the causes of toxic classrooms and more importantly learn tools and strategies to address the stress in our schools. Approved by the NYS Education Department as fulfilling the sixty (60) required credits for certification requirements for School Counselor.

Eight Cultural Forces to Transform Our Schools - CURI 6570

In this course, participants learn the eight cultural forces that educators must master to transform our schools from the old standard of education to the new model requiring global thinkers, problem solvers, and independent learners.

Active Learning in the Contemporary Classroom - CURI 6569

In this course, participants explore various practical active learning strategies and how to successfully implement them into the classroom.

Enhancing Literacy for All Students - UNY 802

This course focuses on what all students K-12 should know and be able to do in the English Language Arts classroom. Approved by the NYS Education Department as fulfilling specific developmental certification requirements in Literacy.