New Seminar Offerings

ELT works continually to develop training for a range of school-related professionals and K-12 practitioners on a variety of topics to keep up with the latest educational trends.

New Trauma Trainings

(Available to all educators and K-12 practitioners)

As our students are confronting a variety of challenges, these seminars will help equip educators to take a proactive and empowering approach to assist all youth.

  • Historical Trauma: System of Oppression and its Impact on the Youth
  • How Can We Help our Youth After a Traumatic Event?
  • Proactively Confronting Trauma in the Classroom
  • Trauma and Resilience

Accomplished Teaching Series, a response to COVID-19 (1 and 1.5 hour trainings)

(Available to all K-12 practitioners and teaching assistants)

Participants will engage in rich, deep, collaborative conversations; become familiar with resources; and explore high quality materials that can be brought back in a virtual setting and be tailored to meet their educational contextual needs. Participants do NOT need to be familiar with the National Board process or materials.

(Google Classroom and Zoom are used for these seminars)

Self-Care Wellness Seminars

(Available to all educators)

It’s important to take care of oneself as it helps to relieve stress, reduces burnout, promotes positive energy, health, and mindset.

These trainings will provide a forum for educators to discuss tips and strategies that can be incorporated in your daily life to promote healthy choices and decisions that contribute to developing the best you!

New Member Seminars

New Members are important to the Union!

NYSUT ELT offers free seminars to educational agencies with new NYSUT members.

Take advantage of these timely and pertinent seminars for new members. With a minimum of 15 seminars, members with 1- 4 years of experience OR members who want a refresher session can engage in fundamental pedagogical discussions, learn tips and strategies for professional learning and growth.