Site-based and Virtual Seminars for Teachers and K-12 Practitioners

Committed to improving student learning and enhancing teacher practices, NYSUT Education & Learning Trust (ELT) invites you to experience the numerous professional learning opportunities we offer in our Professional Learning Programs brochure.

With ELT, you have the flexibility to customize programs to meet scheduling needs, whether they are for Superintendent’s Conference days, after school training or even weekend sessions. Our staff will help you develop a professional learning program that aligns with your district goals and fits your budget and time frame.

Choose from:

  • 1-1.5 hour
  • half-day
  • full day
  • 15-hour
  • or customized formats

ELT offers training for New Teachers and Seasoned Teachers, Mentors and Coaches.

Seminar titles for New Teachers include:

You Are Not Alone: Surviving the First Years 
Practical and Promising Classroom Management-updated! 
Constructivist Teaching and Learning 
Discipline Strategies 
Educator’s Valuing Diversity- updated! 
Poverty’s Effect on Students- updated! 
Strategies for Student Engagement-updated! 
Understanding English Language Learners 
Workplace Wellness 
And More! 

Please note, these are 2 hour sessions.

Seminar titles for "Seasoned" Teachers include:

Advancing Student Success through Relationships 
Assessments to Identify Gaps 
Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ Students 
Crafting a Learning Community for Classroom Discussions 
Historical Trauma: System of Oppression and its Impact on Students 
How Can We Help Our Youth After a Traumatic Event 
Inclusive Curriculum: Incorporating LGBTQ Topics into the Classroom 
Intersectionality: The Crossroads 
Healing Circles 
Effective Questioning 
Guiding Struggling Readers- updated! 
The Hidden Truth 
Trauma and Resilience 
Teaching Students to Ask Questions 
Working with Economically Disadvantaged Students 
And More! 

Considered an expert in Collaborative Team training and facilitation, ELT is often called upon by districts to assist with coaching, facilitation, and mentoring.

For a full set of seminar titles and descriptions, please view or download our Professional Learning Programs brochure.

If you know the specific training you would like to schedule, download the Seminar Request Form and either use the submit button on the form or send the completed form back to us via email or fax.

In compliance with New York State Education Department, NYSUT Education & Learning Trust has been approved as a sponsor to provide professional learning for Continuing Teacher Leader Education (CTLE) hours.