Mid-Hudson Learning Center

NYSUT's Mid-Hudson Regional Office is pleased to offer FREE professional learning seminars to our members.

WHAT: Are you looking to meet the requirements under SOCE? Do you need CTLE hours for your certification? Are you seeking to fulfill language acquisition requirements? Maybe you just want support and ideas for remote learning? We know that the year is crazy and you are exhausted, but these requirements aren’t going away. That’s why the Mid-Hudson Regional Office and your local are working with NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust to provide you with synchronous learning experiences to help you earn these hours from the comfort of your home. And the best part? As a member of NYSUT, they’re free!

WHERE: Virtual.

WHO: These seminars are available exclusively to NYSUT members, including newer and veteran educators and school-related professionals.

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**These Trainings are sponsored by the Mid-Hudson Regional Office at no cost to members**


About Learning Center Seminars

NYSUT Learning Centers offer a host of site-based seminars and training on a broad spectrum of topics and for a range of educators, including both teachers and school-related professionals.

Whether you are a newer teacher (up to 5 years of classroom experience) or a veteran educator, you will find a wide variety of professional learning opportunities that can be used for growth or certification fulfillment.

ELT offers seminars for newer teachers on such topics as classroom management and student engagement. Topics for School-Related Professionals include ways to handle challenging student behavior. All educators will find the seminars on LGBTQ topics and meeting the language acquisition needs of English language learners very helpful.

While each Learning Center location offers specific seminars tailored to regional needs and interests, all participants will enjoy a great experience from the knowledgeable and dynamic ELT instructors who help us adhere to the "members teaching members" model.

All Learning Center seminars are FREE to NYSUT members.

Sign up early! Seats can fill quickly.

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