NYSUT Rochester/Western NY Learning Center

WHAT: Professional learning seminars to improve student learning and enhance professional practices in education.

WHERE: NYSUT Regional Office - Rochester or online.

WHO: These seminars are available exclusively to NYSUT members, including newer and veteran educators and school-related professionals.

COST: All Learning Center seminars are FREE to NYSUT members.

5-Hour Online Seminars

The following two online seminars can be done at your own pace over a 30-day period. They earn 5-hours of CTLE credit.

This is an asynchronous training where participants work individually and at their own pace. Participants have thirty (30) days from the day access is granted to log in to Moodle, read content/watch videos, complete and upload all the assignments. An experienced instructor will provide feedback and coaching. At the end of the thirty days, participants who successfully complete the requirements will receive a grade of Pass and a certificate of completion. If not, a grade of Fail will be entered.

Intended Audience: Educators

Educators include, but are not limited to school counselors, instructional coaches, library/media specialists, nurses, school-related professionals, school psychologists, social workers, resource officers, support staff, teachers, and therapists (OT, PT, speech).

Online Requirement: Requires, reliable/stable high-speed internet connection

A Journey to Mindfulness in Schools

This online seminar will start April 10, 2023 and be available for 30 days. Our students face many challenges today from mental health needs, the allure of living in the digital world, and the interruption to their education created by the pandemic. The research into the social and emotional needs of educators and students demonstrates the benefits of mindfulness in our schools. Practicing mindfulness promotes resilience, improves self-regulation, physical and mental health, and is aligned with having a growth mindset. The mindfulness skills students acquire in school can be utilized at home and beyond school as they pursue higher education and employment.

Extinguishing Educator Burnout

This online seminar will start Feb. 27, 2023 and be available for 30 days. In this seminar, participants will examine how they can re-energize themselves to maintain or regain a positive outlook and love of working in schools. They will dive into specific, immediate actions they can take to enhance their well-being and thrive both on and off the job. Materials will explain how shifts in awareness, attitudes, and actions can be transformational for educators and their students. Specific steps related to mindfulness, empathy, gratitude, and altruism that educators can use on their own and with students will be shared. Equipped with these tools, educators can be their best, so they can give their best to the learners in their care.


About Learning Center Seminars

NYSUT Learning Centers offer a host of online seminars and training on a broad spectrum of topics and for a range of educators, including both teachers and school-related professionals.

Whether you are a newer teacher (up to 5 years of classroom experience) or a veteran educator, you will find a wide variety of professional learning opportunities that can be used for growth or certification fulfillment.

ELT offers seminars for newer teachers on such topics as classroom management and student engagement. Topics for School-Related Professionals include ways to handle challenging student behavior. All educators will find the seminars on LGBTQ topics and meeting the language acquisition needs of English language learners very helpful.

While each Learning Center location offers specific seminars tailored to regional needs and interests, all participants will enjoy a great experience from the knowledgeable and dynamic ELT instructors who help us adhere to the "members teaching members" model.

All Learning Center seminars are FREE to NYSUT members.

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